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Anastasiya Komlikova, born in Ukraine, graduated from Kyiv National Conservatory ( now-Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music ) with a degree in composition. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree; is a  member of National Union of Ukrainian composers; a winner of V. Kosenko Award in composition and a recipient of Presidential Grant for creating music for children and youth.

 Mrs. Komlikova is the author of two ballets; an opera and many popular songs; chamber and piano music, including music for kids. Over ten years, she published eight books of original compositions. Her piano works for children became popular not only in Ukraine, where they are used as part of the learning repertoire, but also abroad; many of her vocal and instrumental works are performed in Germany, Greece, UK and also in the USA.

  Anastasiya is passionate about writing music for kids and combines her successful career as a composer with pedagogy. She is often invited as a speaker and a committee member to many conferences and festivals for music teachers.

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